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Women’s Promise Card T-shirt

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The because I said I would promise card shirt features a large promise card on the front. This shirt can be worn plain or it can be used to display a promise you are committed to. A permanent marker can be used to write on the front of the shirt, for example you could write “I will volunteer” and proudly wear the shirt while you help your community.

The shirt is a sweatshop free product and was made by American Apparel in Los Angeles, California. At first touch the white print of the shirt feels stiff, but dont worry. This stiffness comes out in a single wash and becomes much softer.

The women’s version of this shirt features a promise card that is proportionally smaller than the male version of the shirt due to the size difference in shirts. Remember that the women’s cut of this shirt is at least a full size smaller than the Unisex version and we recommend that you consult the sizing chart in the image gallery.

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Weight 4 oz
Dimensions 10 x 6 x .5 in

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